Dubai Scenic Charters

The Seawings Gold Experience is the ultimate option for private tours. Enjoy the height of exclusivity with a Seawings seaplane all to yourself as you look down at breathtaking views of the city.

Catering to your individuality, Seawings Gold ignites a passion for refinement and delivers a premium service with every charter. Add something special to your Seawings exclusive charter and allow our highly experienced Lifestyle team to customize a package for you. Following the same route as Seawings Silver or The World Journey, Seawings Gold offers a relaxed forty minutes tour over the spectacular skyline of Dubai. Every Seawings Gold tour include the added feature of luxurious limousine transportation to enhance the experience.

Package Options

Flight Duration: 40 Minutes (dock to dock)

Indulge in an exclusive full charter flight of all Dubai's architectural marvels and cruise above one of the world's most iconic skylines. Seating nine passengers, the luxurious seaplane offers panoramic views over Dubai and its futuristic creations. It's one of Dubai's finest private tours, an intimate and immersive scenic journey reserved for just a handful of your invited friends. Stunning water take-offs and landing add further charm while limousine transfers complete the journey once you land.

AED 13,500 (USD 3,678) Per Charter
Flight Duration: 40 Minutes (dock to dock)

Soar above an iconic city and experience the exclusivity of a private aircraft charter. After taking off from the historic Dubai Creek you cruise around the city's surreal skyline, admiring the scenic visuals of Dubai's world-famous monuments. A thrilling water landing, limousine transfers provide additional charm to the Dubai aerial views.

AED 13,500 (USD 3,678)Per Charter
Flight Duration: 40 minutes (dock to dock)    Boat Duration: 25 minutes

Savour the ultimate journey to The World with a Dubai private charter flight. Take off from Palm Jumeirah or Dubai Creek and cruise across Dubai's iconic buildings, blending the heritage with the modern wonder before you soar above The World.

AED 15,500 (USD 4,223)Per Charter


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