Dubai Scenic Tours

Flying is a passion and allows for the most extraordinary of experiences.

Since 2007, Seawings seaplane scenic tours have been refined to deliver a journey of discovery, allowing guests to comfortably take in all that Dubai has to offer in one comprehensive journey across it’s ever expanding skyline.

Join the Seawings team on an authentic seaplane experience that is driven by dedication, innovation and precision.

Package Options

Flight Duration: 40 Minutes (dock to dock)

Experience our most popular and award winning tour of Dubai.

A journey to all of Dubai's attractions in just one scenic flight. An experience that's heightened by the take-off and landing on the waters of Dubai Creek or Dubai Jebel Ali.

AED 1,695 (USD 462)
Per Adult

AED 1,440 (USD 392)

Per Child

Dubai Combination Offers

Flight Duration: 40 Minutes (dock to dock)

A fusion of scenic aerial sightseeing and cultural exploration on the ground.

A beautiful 40 minute air tour combined with a journey back in time. The Dubai Heritage Tour showcases the tales of the city's past.

AED 2,375 (USD 648)
Per Adult
AED 2,015 (USD 549)

Per Child
Flight Duration: 40 Minutes (dock to dock)

Create once in a lifetime memories on a tour that takes you from one unique experience to another.

Enjoy a thrilling Seawings Silver Tour of Dubai followed by a trip to Al Maha Desert Resort & Spa for a unique desert experience. Embark on a luxury Wildlife Drive through the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve.

Sip sundowners on the dunes with a breath-taking view of the sunset.

AED 2,675 Per Adult
Flight Duration: 40 Minutes (dock to dock)

Experience pure luxury aboard a Seawings Seaplane tour followed by an exclusive yacht tour.

Seawings is delighted to present a day of indulgence with luxury at its core.

AED 2,975 Per Person (Based on 2 guests)
Flight Duration: 40 Minutes (dock to dock)

A taste of Dubai with a Seaplane tour and 5 star cruise dining aboard Bateaux Dubai.

A truly complete half day experience designed to stimulate the senses and satisfy the palate.

AED 2,375 Per Adult
AED 1,840
Per Child
Flight Duration: 40 Minutes (dock to dock)

A day of adventure and fun with Seawings and Dubai Parks.

Treat yourself to a day of fun for all ages.

AED 2,075 Per Adult
AED 1,765
Per Child

Dubai To Abu Dhabi Tours

Flight Duration: 45 Minutes (dock to dock)

A day of thrills and fun in Abu Dhabi. Experience a seaplane tour that links two iconic Emirates.

AED 1,575 (USD 429)
Per Adult

AED 1,385 (USD 377)

Per Child
Flight Duration: 45 Minutes (dock to dock)

Experience a scenic Seaplane tour of Dubai enroute to Abu Dhabi followed by a private city tour of the capital.

AED 1,975 Per Adult
AED 1,675
Per Child
Flight Duration: 45 Minutes (dock to dock)

A journey of different perspectives across the Emirates.

Start your journey with a 45 minute seaplane tour from Dubai to Abu Dhabi followed by The Yellow Boats cruise.

AED 1,875 Per Adult
AED 1,625
Per Child

Dubai To Sir Baniyas Tour

Flight Duration: 1Hour 10 Minutes (dock to dock)

Discover a land of bountiful wildlife.Depart from Dubai on a seaplane journey to this astounding wildlife sanctuary on Sir Bani Yas Island.

AED 2,999 (USD 818) Per Person


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